Putting your business finances and numbers in one place, your pocket!

DOWNLOAD A TRIAL HERE – Android iOS (Launches Dec 17)

We provide you Free Tech our mobile app and a cloud accounting package, which alone can save you up to £200-300on software subscriptions per year, this does not include the long-term savings you will make on the one thing none of us can buy… TIME

Our central platform is mobile based (Android and iOS) so that you can take your back office with you, whether you are standing next to a client, in a van, or at home on the sofa in front of the telly.

You can access your accounting system via a browser from any device.

Here are some of the cool things you can do

  • Finished a quote at a clients house? Raise an estimate there and then and send it to their email.
  • Just filled up your van? Take a picture of the receipt.
  • Received an invoice for some house repairs. Take a picture and send us a message to check if it is allowable.
  • Checking out a new car for you company? Quick check on the likely tax cost.
  • Visiting a client? Track the mileage of the trip on the GPS linked calculator.
How it works
Mobile Accounting

You can download the App from Google Play and Apple Store, here.

This is a great way to see if it will work on your device and looks useful to you.

Once you agree terms with us and settle any admin fees we will set you up on our App with your own login, we will also set you up with your cloud accounting.

We provide a guide to using the software and how to complete the tasks required for most businesses. We will also soon be adding video to FINFAC TV.

Additional Tech

Tech changes quickly and we only review our preferred suppliers of solutions annually so please do your homework on what works best for you.

Generally we prefer those that integrate with other system and are secure before being free or the cheapest options.

Upgrading Book Keeping

Additional apps
Arthur Property Management

Payment systems and banks
We can set you up with the following Go Cardless, Paypal, Paypoint. (see our payments option guide)

We recommend the following banking Apps
HSBC Open App
Starling online banking (see our cash management guide)

IT Support
We recommend Microsoft Outlook for professional email
We recommend Microsoft One Drive for data storage and backup (see our benefits of proper IT)
We recommend for desktop Anti-Virus Webroot

Record Keeping Tips

Keeping accruate evidence and records is a key requirement from HMRC and you are required to keep these for 5 years. Keeping the data digital is perfectly acceptable to HMRC.

Our software are tools not magic and so you will still need to take necessary steps in the event of disaster or technical gremlins. For instance if you take a picture of a receipt don’t burn it with delight instantly, then drop your phone in your drink.

Our advice is;

Record as many transactions as they occur with the mobile app, this means you do not build up a boring job at the end of the month of digitising all your transactions. Little and often is key! (see our 5 steps to productivity guide)


  • Only throw something away you know 100% is both digitally secure and backed up.
  • A backup is undertaken by us but this is not a real-time constant second by second recording.
  • Data will be backed up periodically, but it is ultimately your responsibility that you have adequate records.
  • Check that you have a good data connection and data entered or recorded is adequate, for instance, the following receipts one is good the other is not good.
  • We suggest keeping paper records for at least 2 years if possible even if you have an electronic data. These do not have to be neatly filed away, but it will be our time you will waste if you need to justify an expense to the tax an and you cannot find the digital record.

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