Should you really trust your current annual accountancy bill?

Insurance was once auto renewed and you never bothered to change or it was too complicated, but now its foolish not to shop around and take some of the money back from those big insurers that would sneakily put up the price each year for no reason.

Bank accounts were another where fat profits could be made by people feeling stuck with their bank and the government has stepped in to make it easier to move direct debits and set up new accounts.

Accountancy should be no different!  Are you paying a lot more now than you once were for the benefit of a local accountant you never see anyway?

What service do you actually need and pay for?

We aim to create long-term partnerships with our clients, but the world of accountancy is changing and we hope switching accountants becomes easier and more appealing.

We hope our services stands on its merits not resting on the idea that you will find it too fiddly or maybe complicated to go somewhere else!

We are currently an online based service and focus on those businesses where we know they do not need complicated advice and we cater for that.

Sticking with your current accountant based on the fact you have been using them for years is not a smart business decision. It should be based on the following.

The fee = service

If you are nodding your head to the following then you need to get a better deal!

  • Not providing you with the service they once did but have increased the price.
  • Not having a focus on technology that makes your life easier.
  • Charging high fees but never bothering to see you.
  • You chase them
  • You pay for their mistakes
Why use us?

Well, we offer clear and transparent pricing so you can structure a service around your needs. We are looking to bring in some innovative features on pricing so stay tuned!

We focus on niche trades and businesses and build up knowledge of the issues they have so that we can offer targeted advice that can be viewed on the mobile app. We will not be sending you breaking budget news updates as it is only a turn on for accountants.

We are focused on adding value and have some great ideas in the pipeline to help improve your experience. You never know you might start to enjoy speaking to us and following our social media updates!

We will be publishing reviews and testimonials from clients as we progress.

Free guides – Below are a couple of eBooks that we make freely available, hopefully, there are some good tips in them. Sign up to remain up to date with any new content we produce.

Our promise is to make this content interesting, easy to use in what you do and produce results. We will not be spending time creating tax tables and obscure tax case law. Most of these are available on our free mobile app anyway 🙂

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